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After Fajr Tafseer: Juzz Amma

07-28-2024 05:00:49 AM To 07-28-2024 06:00:49 AM

As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Join us every Sunday after Fajr for an enlightening Tafseer session of the last chapter of the Quran (Juzz Amma) conducted by Imam Morshad Saami. Each session will be a brief yet impactful 20 to 25 minutes, offering deep insights and understanding of Juzz Amma, which is frequently recited in our daily prayers (salat).

This is a continuation of our previously concluded Tafseer of Surah Kahf on Sunday mornings. We encourage both brothers and sisters, along with their families, to attend and benefit from this valuable program.

Location: Ad-Dawah Center of NJ, 3191 Route 206, Columbus, NJ 08022

We look forward to your participation in this spiritually enriching experience.

Note: The sessions will start immediately after Fajr, so please arrive on time.