Ad-Dawah Center is a non-profit organization established in 2012 to serve the needs of the ethnically diverse Muslim community in Mansfield, Florence, Roebling, Bordentown, Springfield, Chesterfield and surrounding areas. Ad-Dawah Center of NJ, was formed with the merger of Ad-Dawah and Salaam Organization of Mansfield by the leadership of local community members.

In Mid 2017 we acquired a property of about 1.7 Acres, which included a 200 + years old, sparsely used building, and a cemetery, which is now considered our Center. The Center is located at 3191 Route 206 in Columbus, NJ with easy access to major roads (NJTP and Interstate 295). We quickly renovated the ground floor and started operating the Center for daily worship. After which we spent about 4-5 years working to engage and align the local, state and regional authorities to develop an acceptable Site Improvement Plan. In addition, we actively collected funding from local and extended communities from the region to fund our efforts and operate the Center.

We currently have daily Congregation Prayers and Jumma Prayers. In addition, we have Tarawee prayers during Ramadan. We have programs during the week which are posted online and on the Mobile App.which are open to the community. Generally we have Tafseer of the Quran immediately after Faj on Sundays. As we build up the Center’s capabilities, we are currently operating without an Imam. We are always on the lookout for qualified brothers and sisters who are willing to help improve the Center.

An Executive Committee has been instrumental in establishing and leading the development of the Center from the begining with the support of the local and extended community. Using our Approved Site Plan, we have been executing the improvements for the Center. Most of the Building Renovations (internally) have been completed and now we are focusing on the exterior of the building and the Site Improvements (which includes, underground rainwater drainage system, Parking, lighting, landscape, security…etc). We are striving to engage capable community members who can help us in this noble effort as we strive to implement our approved Site Plan based on the local township aligned timeline.

We welcome involvement from capable community members, who can provide their expertise and leadership as we continue to grow services and benefits to enable an united vibrant community.