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Ad-Dawah Center is a non-profit organization registered in 2012. It serves the needs of the ethnically diverse Muslim American community in the Mansfield, Florence, Roebling, Bordentown, Springfield, Chesterfield and surrounding areas. Ad-Dawah Center of NJ came under a new Executive Board and new bylaws were formed with the merger of Ad-Dawah and Salaam Organization of Mansfield and property purchased.

In Mid 2017 we acquired a property of about 1.7 Acres, which included a 200 + years old, sparsely used building, and a cemetery, which is now considered our Center. The Center is located at 3191 Route 206 in Columbus, NJ with easy access to major roads (NJTP and Interstate 295) We have since very quickly renovated the ground floor and started operating the Center for daily worship. 

We currently have daily Congregation Prayers (Fajr & Esha) and Jumma Prayers. In addition, we have Tarawee prayers during Ramadan along with weekly Halaqa activities (Thursday after Magreb) . We are currently operating without an Imam.


An Executive Committee manages the operations of the Center with the support of the community. Currently we are working towards improving the Center. We have completed the interior renovation of the main building, with the addition of a new floor. We are actively involved in rebuilding the extended section (bathrooms and offices). Later this year, we are to begin building a new driveway as part of our 5 year Site Plan Improvements approved by the local authorities. This also includes an underground rain water system and a Parking Lot. Implementation of the Approved Site Plan is dependent on the funds to be collected in the community. 


We welcome involvement from the community members to provide their expertise and leadership as we continue to grow services and benefits to the local community.

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