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Our Future

We have a three-pronged approach towards our future 
  • Engaged Community
  • Improved Facilities
  • Reaching Out

Engaged Community

To build a vibrant and engaged community not only involved in the religious aspects but also in the social, educational and economic disciplines

From day one, we have been striving to build a vibrant and engaged community. On going activities including regular congregation prayers, Friday prayers, weekly Halaqas, Arabic Classes, Tarawee prayers…etc all are steps towards this goal. In the future are laying the frame work to further increase our services and benefits to the community. Have a look at the services being planned in the ‘Services’ section. 

Improved Facilities

To improve The Center’s facilities and capabilities 

The Executive Committee has been actively working with the support of the community to improve the Center. The efforts we are focused on are as follows: 

 -  To Design and Develop Parking and Sidewalk

 -   To renovate the building upstairs to better utilize available space

 These are significant efforts and require us to go through a structured process involving the Mansfield Township - Zoning and Construction officers, Dept. of Transportation ...etc  and alignment with the neighbors. This will take more than a few months and will be financially significant. We are looking for support from the community to make this a reality.

Reaching Out

To reach out and become an active and valuable part of our Northern Burlington community at large 

While this area, has opportunity to get more traction, we are seeing more participation from the youth, taking on ownership to start reaching out building ties outside the Muslim community. Some of the planned activities include helping at Soup Kitchen, joining other faith groups to provide valuable services and participating in interfaith groups. 

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